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How to Meet Standards, Motivate Students, and Still Enjoy Teaching!

How to Meet Standards, Motivate Students, and Still Enjoy Teaching!
Four Practices That Improve Student Learning

Second Edition

November 2008 | 208 pages | Corwin
This resource offers teachers user-friendly tools for creating a standards-based classroom that meets accountability requirements and provides a learning environment where both teachers and students can thrive. Barbara P. Benson's framework allows teachers to synthesize the best of what they already know and do with research-based best practices on learning and learners. The author emphasizes that students can best learn the required content and competencies when teachers are following the curriculum determined by the standards while: Creating a community of learners who are self-directed, interactive, cooperative, and focused on quality Making reflection a routine for everyoneTeaching content and processDeveloping more authentic student tasks and assessment methodsThe new edition of How to Meet Standards, Motivate Students, and Still Enjoy Teaching! featuresáupdated references andánew reproducibles for classroom use.
Foreword to the First Edition by Spence Rogers
Preface to the Second Edition
About the Author
Introduction: Focusing on Standards in the Classroom
A Positive View of Standards

Taking a Big-Picture Look at Standards

Standards and the Classroom

Four Practices That Meet Standards and Motivate Students

Ideas for Teachers

Ideas for Administrators

1. Creating a Community of Learners
Why Do I Need a Community of Learners in My Classroom?

Help Students Become Self-Directed Learners

Have an Interactive Classroom

Helping Students Work Cooperatively

A Quality Focus

The Community of Learners, a Final View

Ideas for Teachers

Ideas for Administrators

2. Making Reflection Routine
Teacher Reflection

Student Reflection

Concluding Reflection

Ideas for Teachers

Ideas for Administrators

3. Teaching Content and Process
The Learner Actions

Using the Learner Actions to Meet Standards

Analyzing Lessons to See Who Is Doing All the Work

Ideas for Teachers

Ideas for Administrators

4. Developing More Authentic Tasks and Assessments
What Type of Work Should Students Be Doing?

Performance Tasks

Assessment and Evaluation

Assessing and Evaluating Performance Tasks

Tasks and Assessment: Final Thoughts

Ideas for Teachers

Ideas for Administrators

Conclusion: Integrating the Four Practices and High-Stakes Tests
What About the Tests?

Three Approaches for Implementing the Standards-Based Classroom Practices

Final Thoughts

Resources A: Reproducible Forms

"This book is relevant and needed in today’s schools. It would make a great workshop or book study to help teachers who are struggling with standards."

Laura Cumbee, Special Education Math Teacher
Cartersville Middle School, GA

"Offers a wealth of practical strategies for creating a standards-based classroom and achieving academic success for all students. It is a must-have for all public educators and administrators."

Marsha Basanda, Fifth-Grade Teacher
Bell’s Crossing Elementary School, Simpsonville, SC

"An excellent source of both information and teacher resources. I recommend this book to any teacher or administrator who is looking for a way to implement standards and improve student outcomes so that all students are making adequate yearly progress."

Jolene Dockstader, Seventh-Grade Teacher
Jerome School District #261, ID

"This is a must-read for all of the practitioners who do not want to 'teach to the test.' It is a sure-fire way to create lifelong learners who are motivated to come to school and who enjoy being part of an energized community."

Joan E. Anderson, Reading Instructor
Oakridge Middle School, Naples, FL

"If teachers ever wondered how to integrate standards, high-stakes testing, and student learning, they need wonder no more. This book has something for everyone."

Randy Cook, Chemistry and Physics Teacher
Tri County High School, Morley, MI

"Benson offers a relevant resource guide for implementing standards-based classrooms that will help educators at all levels of educational reform grasp the key instructional components to support the expectations for student learning. This book is a must-have in preparing our students for their future role as lifelong learners competing on the world market."

Lynn Freeman, Leadership Facilitator
Georgia Department of Education

"This resource for teachers and administrators maps an attainable path to student success and deeper learning. Benson creates a clear vision for meeting the standards through best practices that motivate students and create a classroom community of learners. This book is ideal for teachers looking to make their classrooms engaging and to develop student efficacy."

Linda C. Diaz, Program Specialist for Professional Development
Monroe County Schools, Key West, FL

Sample Materials & Chapters

Preface to the Second Edition


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