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Facilitator's Guide to The Student Evaluation Standards

Facilitator's Guide to The Student Evaluation Standards

November 2003 | 72 pages | Corwin
This Guide provides a training framework for introducing educators and other education stakeholders to The Student Evaluation Standards, a comprehensive system approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for promoting sound student evaluation practices and policies. Designed for workshop facilitators, the Guide presents a series of lesson plans for workshop activities that promote understanding and implementation of the Standards by teachers, school and district administrators, school board members and school improvement teams, parents and community members, and teacher educators. The Guide covers workshop objectives, logistics, materials, design, activities, case analyses, discussion, review, and evaluation. The Facilitator's role and a Frequently Asked Questions feature make the Guide readily accessible to all trainers, and a complete set of reproducible materials for workshop attendees include sample letters, agendas, worksheets, and forms. Also included is a state-of-the-art list of resources that Facilitators will find useful for their entire workshop activities.
About the Authors
Facilitator Information
About the Guide

Workshop Objectives

Workshop Participants

Workshop Logistics

Workshop Materials

Workshop Design

The Facilitator's Role

Frequently Asked Questions

Workshop Activities
1. Orientation (4 Activities)

2. Introduction to The Student Evaluation Standards (4 Activities)

3. Conclusion (3 Activities)

Workshop Materials
A. Sample Letter to Accompany Standards Book

B. Sample Agenda

C. Definition of Student Evaluation

D. Standards Summaries

E. Case Example 1: Plagiarism Controversy

F. Case Example 1 Questions

G. Standard Application Worksheet

H. Case Example 2: Math Learning Communities

I. Treasure Hunt Questions

J. Pair-Share Questions

K. Sample Workshop Evaluation Form


Sample Materials & Chapters

About the Guide

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