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Cyber Kids, Cyber Bullying, Cyber Balance

Cyber Kids, Cyber Bullying, Cyber Balance

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January 2010 | 184 pages | Corwin
Ideal for administrators, counsellors, and teachers, this resource provides practical information about technology use and cyber bullying as it relates to today's students and schools. Although technology can be used to help students succeed both socially and academically, it is critically important that school professionals know how to address technology misuse, particularly cyber bullying, since problems of abuse are on the rise.

Cyber Kids, Cyber Bullying, Cyber Balance introduces educators to the wide world of modern technology in all its forms and nuances. The authors illustrate how to identify instances of cyber bullying and respond to them appropriately. The extensive appendix includes legal guidelines, a school planning calendar, a student assessment form, and an incident report form. The book provides basic information about prevention, assessment, intervention, and evaluation that is readily accessible and easily understood and implemented. A new and exciting focus of the book is the concept of "cyber balance"—helping students make healthy, safe choices about technology.

About the Authors
Part I. Cyber Kids
1."Welcome to My World": Technology and Youth
2. "Lost in Cyberspace": Technology Travel
3. "It's a Small World After All": Use and Misuses of Technology
Part II. Cyber Bullying
4. "Sticks and Stones": An Overview of Cyber Bullying
5. "If You Can't Say Anything Nice": Vehicles of Cyber Bullying
6. "Houston, We Have a Problem": Responding to Cyber Bullying
Part III. Cyber Balance
7. "What's Up Doc?": Assessment
8. "This One Is Just Right": Interventions to Restore Balance
9. "An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure": Our Roles in Cyber Balance
Appendix A: Tell the Truth, Nothing But the Truth: Legal Issues Related to Student Online Speech

Appendix B: Internet Safety Agreement

Appendix C: Cyber Bullying Program Worksheet

Appendix D: Cyber Bullying Program Timeline Worksheet

Appendix E: Counselor/School Resource Chart and Parent Resource Chart

Appendix F: Cyber Youth Survey

Appendix G: School Cyber Bullying Survey

Appendix H: Cyber Bullying Incident Report

Appendix I: Cyber Bullying Student Assessment Form

Appendix J: Summary Assessment Considerations Chart

Appendix K: Skill-Building Resource Table

Appendix L: Story

Appendix M: Educational Interventions

Appendix N: Cyber Bullying Educational Resource Guide

Appendix O: Master Calendar

Appendix P: Word Search

Appendix Q: Program Evaluation

Appendix R: Certificate

Appendix S: Certification Test

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"An easily understood introduction to the wired culture in which the youth of today live and the potential hazards, most notably cyber bullying, associated with online activities. Recommendations for preventing cyber bullying in the first place and intervening in instances that occur are provided in a clear, programmatic way. The cyber bullying stories give an inside look into cyber bullying in a way that simply describing research cannot. The book will appeal to those conducting research in the area of cyber bullying, but will also be beneficial to school administrators and counselors as well as parents. Each chapter ends with reflective questions that will provide both parents and teachers with important talking points related to cyber bullying.”

Robin Kowalski, Professor of Psychology
Clemson University

“As a researcher of bullying, I really got some great ideas about how to handle this new concept of cyberbullying. If I were Roger and Ebert, I would give this two thumbs up. GREAT resource!”

Rhonda Williams, Assistant Professor
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

"Trolley and her associates approach issues of cyber bullying from the very practical, very hands-on level of the cyber kids—around the world and down the block. The overall theme is restoring balance: balance among kids, families, educational professionals, and the technologies themselves. This book provides insights and practical tools to help cyber kids navigate safely and securely through this new technological world. It is a very useful addition to a growing set of resources for both professionals and parents.”

Mike Donlin, Senior Program Consultant
Seattle Public Schools, Seattle WA

“Whether we like it or not, teens are tightly tied to technology. While most adolescents are responsible in their use of computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices, some are not. In Cyber Kids, Cyber Bullying, Cyber Balance, the authors help bring adults up to speed by pulling together information from a variety of sources to illustrate the varied ways in which adolescents use and misuse technology. The book provides parents, teachers, and other youth-serving adults with sensible strategies to help bring balance back to the technology utilization of the children they supervise. The 'cyber story' features interspersed throughout the text help paint a clear picture of the role of technology in the lives of youth using real-life stories. Readers are sure to learn something about the positive and not-so-positive ways adolescents utilize technology.”

Justin Patchin, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Coauthor, Bullying Beyond the Schoolyard

"Trolley and her colleagues draw upon a vast array of resources to get a sense of how children and youth use technology. Packaged with real-life stories, practical examples, and applications, this book is very informative for parents and educators of all types."

Qing Li, Education Professor
University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“This book is a useful manual filled with concise information, valuable tools, and a proactive model. School districts can develop practices and policies that support cyber balance in our students’ lives. This book makes it easy!”

Margarete Couture, Principal
South Seneca Central Schools, Ovid, NY

"This is a practical proactive guide for parents, counselors, and educators.  It offers insightful suggestions for helping our children make informed and balanced choices that lead to proper use of technology as well as reducing incidents of cyber bullying and realizing a cyber balanced society."

Paul A. Asunda, Assistant Professor, College of Education and Human Services
University of Illinois, Carbondale
Education Review, 13, January 2011

"The Digital Diet is delightfully informative, sensibly written and worth every minute I spent reading it. It is an excellent tool for learning and teaching."

Joyce Neujahr, Director of Patron Services, Dr. C.C. and Mabel Criss Library
University of Nebraska, Omaha
Education Review 13, February 2011

I will be using this book when students work on a multimedia project on e-safety to help them understand the dangers children (and they) face online. I will also use this with a children in my own family.

Ms Lynne Dagg
Education , Sunderland University
October 22, 2010

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