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Guiding Teams to Excellence With Equity

Guiding Teams to Excellence With Equity
Culturally Proficient Facilitation

Foreword by Randall B. Lindsey

December 2016 | 352 pages | Corwin

Guide your school through its cultural proficiency transformation 

Despite the best efforts of equity leaders, our schools suffer from persistent inequities. Guiding Teams to Excellence with Equity is a must-read for anyone who values equity and excellence and supports the professional learning of adults in our schools. Author John Krownapple helps readers develop as culturally proficient facilitators, and equips them with the skills, tools, and techniques to navigate the obstacles that arise during systemic equity transformations.

  • Includes a powerful, running vignette that illustrates common challenges, principles, and solutions 
  • Focuses on mental models for managing group energy 
  • Is grounded in a systems model for personal and organizational transformation 
  • Provides a range of tools for planning culturally proficient learning experiences

This is the book leaders need to learn how to facilitate a group’s journey from awareness to commitment to action in support of inclusion and equity.

"What John has done here is remarkable. He's taken the intuitive art of facilitation, illustrated it with a story, and explained it with theory, data and graphic examples. It's clear, cohesive, comprehensive, and integrated. I like that we follow one story throughout, and that a plethora of facilitation techniques are embedded in that story. I particularly like how facilitation is contrasted with training. John has broken the facilitation rubric into bite-sized pieces, which makes it useful to leaders of professional learning. I love this book; Guiding Teams to Excellence with Equity is a book we've all been waiting for."
Kikanza Nuri-Robins, Author of Fish Out of Water

“Based in abundant research, this valuable book contains myriad strategies and protocols for building collective efficacy in educational teams. It is a must for those who wish to perfect their facilitation skills, who desire a deeper understanding of the emotional and cognitive transformation during the human journey of personal enlightenment, and for those who believe that the future of our democracy depends on equity and cultural proficiency.”
Arthur L. Costa, Professor Emeritus
California State University, Sacramento


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About the Author
Chapter 1. Why This? Why Now? Why Me?
Chapter 2. Assumptions About the Work
Chapter 3. An Environment of Authentic Engagement
Chapter 4. A Process of Transformation
Chapter 5. Emergent Change
Chapter 6. Internal Capacity for the Work
Chapter 7. Paradigm Shift from Presenter to Facilitator
Chapter 8. The Cultural Proficiency Framework (The Content)
Chapter 9. The Cultural Proficiency Journey (The Process)
Chapter 10. Facilitation and Cultural Proficiency
Chapter 11. Assessing Culture
Chapter 12. Valuing Diversity
Chapter 13. Managing the Dynamics of Difference
Chapter 14. Adapting to Diversity
Chapter 15. Institutionalizing Cultural Knowledge
Chapter 16. Your Professional Learning Plan for Culturally Proficient Facilitation

"The power of Guiding Teams to Excellence With Equity comes from the clear definitions offered for commonly used social justice and equity terms. Additional strength is the use of a continuing narrative using believable characters who struggle with the concepts making the book easy and enjoyable to read."

Raymond Terrell, Interim Chair of Teacher Education
Miami University, Ohio

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ISBN: 9781483386980

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