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Corrugated Slices

Corrugated Slices
The Social Jalebi

First Edition

February 2015 | 328 pages | SAGE Response

This third book of The Jalebi Trilogy series, Corrugated Slices: The Social Jalebi is about the feelings a jalebi evokes in us. The first, Jalebi Management, brought varied ideas on how Indian industry can compete globally by creating seamless interconnections like a jalebi. The jalebi’s opposite character, its unpredictable twists and turns that give it a dicey connotation isStrategic Pokes: The Business Jalebi

Corrugated Slices: The Social Jalebi is a European way of looking at different everyday happenings. Its out-of-the-ordinary insights cover heterogeneous Indian society, be it education, religion, living conditions, films, women’s issues, or political slipups while sharing and comparing Indian and international experiences in the same breath. The book has very innovative ideas–such as “Does thinking exist?”— making you relook at what you already know. The jalebi’s negative–positive influence is an absolute connect with Indian and international youth. The bias toward the young generation is obvious; the book is narrated under small subheadings, making it engaging for them who have time and patience on a shoestring.

Foreword Dr Giorgio De Roni
Preface: Wavy Slivers of Life
Chapter 1: Indiscope
Does Thinking Exist?
Stimulus Leads to Action
The Opium of Poverty
Is India Incredible?
Saga of Unpredictability
Paradox of Billion vs. Million
Foggy Subtlety
All You Need Is the Balance of ELA
Joke’s on the NRI, That’s Me
ZAP86 Trending Tomorrow’s India
Hazy Aesthetics
Cracks in Hygiene and Civic Duty
Christmas Dil Ki Doya (compassion from the heart)
Digi-tech Proximity
Bitten by BUG
The Reality Boom
Romancing Bollywood
Igniting Emotions
Chapter 2: My Political Whiff
Unfurling the Flag Puzzle
Art of Mass Connect
Politics of Rootlessness
Dumps of Over-consumption
Plundering Bengal to Achieve the Industrial Revolution
Torja Theatrics in Today’s Politics
China Is Threatening, India Is Comforting
Enact Democracy but Monopolize It
Stumped by Sex
Sex-Theatrics of Political Leaders
Enact Democracy but Monopolize It
Stumped by Sex
Sex-Theatrics of Political Leaders
Camarade with Cheese
Amour in Politics
Grabbing at Beliefs
Governed by Entrepreneurs
Two Laureates on Apartheid Road
Chapter 3: Globetrotter
Under the African Sky
Forest Facebook
Matters of Skin
Opulence Has a Shadow
Legalizing the Devil’s Work
Prison That’s Irresistible for Tourists
Can Crime Be a Cultural Happening?
Can Be Crime a Cultural Phenomenon?
Circus and Crime at Times Square
Steve’s Apple in Big Apple
Power to the Fingers
Marketing the New Year
Fantasy, Fiction, or Real?
Surreal Disruption
Headlong into the Unknown
Cracking Open Curiosity
Football Camaraderie
Self-Confidence Is the Key
Downloading Memories
Reminiscing on Red Steps
Tantrumming for Armanitola
Living in History
Loyal Gay Libertines
Oozing Creativity
Reigning of Consistency
21st Century Disrupts and Converges
Chapter 4: Societal and Business Convergence
Alter Behavior, Become Iconic
Create Addiction, Transform Habits
Changing Behavior Is a Task of Passion
Connecting Changing Behavior to Brand Friendship
Postface: Actioning the Jalebi

The book is an interesting reading that fits into multiple genres and hence will attract wide readership…thought provoking anecdotes, catchy acronyms, diversity in the experiences shared, all add to the readability of the book.

Global Business Review,
Vol 17 (Issue 4), August 2016

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