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Sankhyiki (Hindi)
Ek Parichay

Third Edition

March 2017 | 476 pages | SAGE Bhasha
With Statistics: A Gentle Introduction, Third Edition, an introductory stats class needn't be difficult or dull! This textbook has been specifically designed to curtail students' anxieties and minimize unnecessary formulas, while providing a comprehensive review of basic statistical designs and analyses. A wealth of additional real-world examples have been included to give a sense of how the science of statistics works, solves problems, and helps us make informed choices about the world we live in. The author minimizes the use of formulas, but provides a step-by-step approach to their solution, and includes a glossary of key terms, symbols, and definitions at the end of each chapter. Every chapter also includes a short story about historical and contemporary statisticians who figured prominently in the evolution of the discipline of statistics.

New to the Third Edition is the thorough incorporation of SPSS throughout, more visual material and figures, and an enhanced treatment of effect sizes, and more detailed explanation of statistical concepts.

1. A Gentle Introduction
2. Descriptive Statistics: Understanding Distributions of Numbers
3. Statistical Parameters: Measures of Central Tendency and Variation
4. Standard Scores, the Z Distribution, and Hypothesis Testing
5. Inferential Statistics: The Controlled Experiment, Hypothesis Testing, and the z Distribution
6. An Introduction to Correlation and Regression
7. The t Test for Independent Groups
8. The t Test for Dependent Groups
9. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA): One-Factor Completely Randomized Design
10. After a Significant Analysis of Variance: Multiple Comparison Tests
11. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA): One-Factor Repeated-Measures Design
12. Analysis of Variance: Two-Factor Completely Randomized Design
13. Post Hoc Analysis of Factorial ANOVA
14. Factorial ANOVA: Additional Designs
15. Nonparametric Statistics: The Chi-Square Test
16. Other Statistical Parameters and Tests
Appendix A: z Distribution
Appendix B: t Distribution
Appendix C: Spearman's Correlation
Appendix D: The Chi-Square Distribution
Appendix E: F Distribution
Appendix F: Tukey's Table

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ISBN: 9789351506645