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Nawn, Nandan

Nandan Nawn Professor, Department of Policy Studies, TERI University, New Delhi

Nandan Nawn is a Professor of Department of Policy Studies, TERI University, New Delhi, where he teaches various courses in the interface of environment, development, and economics. He is an economist by disciplinary training with a doctoral degree from Jawaharlal Nehru University. His research interests lie in ecological economics, agrarian studies, and environment and development. His works have been published in various journals including Journal of Agrarian Change, Economic and Political Weekly, and Journal of Human Development and Capabilities. Recently, he has co-edited Economic Challenges for the Contemporary World: Essays in Honour of Prabhat Patnaik. Presently, he is a co-editor of the “Review of Environment and Development” in Economic and Political Weekly and the Secretary of the Indian Society for Ecological Economics (INSEE).