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Kyriakos Mikelis University of Macedonia, Greece

Dr. Kyriakos Mikelis, assistant professor at the Department of International & European Studies of the University of Macedonia, completed his (post-)graduate studies at Panteion University (Athens, PhD) and the University of Kent at Canterbury (MA). His particular academic interests relate to international relations theory, the field’s history, international politics, and European integration. His publications include “Realist Stronghold in the Land of Thucydides? Appraising and Resisting a Realist Tradition in Greece” (European Quarterly of Political Attitudes and Mentalities, 4(4), 2015, 15–32) and “Just Another Form of Dependence? A Short Description of the Development of the Discipline of International Relations in Post-war Greece and Turkey”, with G. Karabelias, Balkan Studies, v. 47 (2013), 165–188.