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Dileep V Mavalankar Indian Institute of Public Health, Gandhinagar, India

Dileep Mavalankar is Associate Professor, Public Systems Group, IIMA, and has a doctorate in public health from Johns Hopkins University, USA and a doctorate in medicine from Gujarat University. He has worked in various research and academic institutions including National Institute of Health in Bethesda, USA, NHL Medical College, Ahmedabad and Columbia University, USA. Dr Mavalankar has authored over 20 publications on public health and health management topics. He has been consultant/adviser of numerous organizations and governments, including the Mother Care Project, USA, the World Health Organization, Geneva, Philippines and China, the Aga Khan Foundation among others. He also has worked with several NGOs in India. He has been on editorial boards of some public health journals. 

His present work includes improving management of emergency obstetric care in rural hospitals; strengthening reproductive health programme management; improving the quality of care in family welfare; health policy analysis and implications; collaboration of NGO and the government in health programmes and management of the service sector and quality of services.