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Costas Andriopoulos Cass Business School, City University London, UK

Constantine Andriopoulos is Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Associate Dean for Entrepreneurship and Director of the Research Centre for Innovation and Disruption at the Business School (formerly Cass). Costas is internationally recognized for his work on organizational ambidexterity; how companies in high-velocity markets can excel at both incremental (exploiting current capabilities) and discontinuous (exploring into new space) innovation.

He is an award-winning researcher and teacher. His research, funded by the Carnegie Trust and European Commission among others, has been published in top-tier peer-reviewed academic and practitioner journals including Organization Science, Journal of Product Innovation Management, Human Relations, California Management Review, Long Range Planning, and is widely cited. Due to the popularity and impact of his research, he consistently ranks at the top 5% authors on innovation management globally.

Costas is an active business consultant (Director of Avyssos Advisors Ltd., an innovation management consultancy), educator and advisor, working with CEOs and senior teams around the world. He has delivered executive education courses to utilities, insurance, energy, FMCG, satellite, SMEs and government organisations. He is also very active on social media and a frequent contributor to articles in the popular and managerial press, including outlets such as the Harvard Business Review, Financial Times, The Times, Reuters, among others.