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Articulating with Difficulty

Articulating with Difficulty
Research Voices in Inclusive Education

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October 1998 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
`This is an important book that needs to be read by anyone doing research in this area' - British Educational Research Journal

`Articulating with Difficulty is an excellent collection and comes highly recommended. It follows Peter Clough and Len Barton's earlier and controversial collection, Making Difficulties (1995), and draws on a wide range of perspectives in disability, inclusive education and Special Education Needs (SEN) research to tease out key issues on "voice".... All contributors share a willingness to engage seriously with challenges thrown down by disabled academics and activists; that they do from different standpoints is another strength of this collection' - Disability & Society

This volume addresses the issue of `voice' in special education research; the voices of the researchers as well as those of the `researched', and the ways in which research mediates identities. It follows on from the well-known and controversial Making Difficulties, also edited by Peter Clough and Len Barton.

The contributors address, among other things: the question of overt and subtle power relations within the research context; the issues of `voice' in emancipatory research; and the view that a more democratic approach to research is made difficult because of the individualized, competitive work culture of higher education and research production.

Alan Dyson
Professional Intellectuals from Powerful Groups
Wrong from the Start?

Patricia Potts
Knowledge Is not Enough
An Exploration of What We Can Expect from Enquiries Which Are Social

Len Barton
Developing an Emancipatory Research Agenda
Possibilities and Dilemmas

John Swain and Sally French
A Voice in What? Researching the Lives and Experiences of Visually Disabled People
Jenny Corbett
`Voice' in Emancipatory Research
Imaginative Listening

Hazel Bines, John Swain and John Kaye
`Once Upon a Time'
Teamwork for Complementary Perspectives and Critique in Research on Special Educational Needs

Sheila Riddell, Heather Wilkinson and Stephen Baron
From Emancipatory Research to Focus Group
People With Learning Difficulties and the Research Process

Harry Daniels
Researching Issues of Gender in Special Needs Education
Dan Goodley
Stories about Writing Stories
Reappraising the Notion of the `Special' Informant with Learning Fifficulties in Life Story Research

Peter Clough
Differently Articulate? Some Indices of Disturbed/Disturbing Voices

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