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Applying E-Commerce in Business

Applying E-Commerce in Business

First Edition

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April 2003 | 326 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This book provides an understanding of e-commerce by deconstructing it into its main constituents and explaining how they fit together. The objective is to introduce some consistency to the often contradictory views about e-commerce, bringing together different academic and management theories and frameworks into a coherent whole. It is written with a European perspective with examples that are drawn from around the globe, consistent with the nature of e-commerce.

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This textbook gives an overview of e-commerce, relevant issues and frameworks.

It looks at the foundations on which e-commerce is built - the technology. Managers and students of management must have an understanding of the infrastructure and inextricable linkages between processes and technology in a 21st century business. It is no longer acceptable or good business practice for technology to be the sole responsibility of IT departments.

The book then goes on to examine businesses that have been built on these technology foundations. It explains the concept of the business model, the `dot com' phenomenon and frameworks that have emerged as a result. It also outlines the legal and ethical implications for an e-business.

It outlines the academic debate about the impact of e-commerce on economics and management thinking. It concludes with a glance to the future, exploring the potential new wave of technology.

This textbook will be essential for undergraduate and post graduate students. It is a user-friendly text with case studies, and learning objectives to guide the student and lecturers. A companion website will accompany the text including cases, student activities, PowerPoint slides, notes and articles in support of the book. It will also give lecturers direct access to the author.

It will provide students with the skills to be able to converse knowledgeably with IT managers and be able to ask the right questions in order to make a decision about IT.

Introduction to E-Commerce
The Technology
Elements of E-Commerce

Security and E-Commerce
E-Business Models
From Dot Com to Dot Bomb
Public Policies and Legal Issues
The Impact of `E' on Economic and Management Thinking
To the Future and Beyond

A rather technical approach to E-Commerce in Marketing.

Mr Melvin Mizzi
Institute of Business and Commerce, Malta College of Arts, Science & Techn
February 17, 2014

The book provides students with a comprehensive background to e-commerce, whilst providing analysis and structure to applied examples.

Mr Philip Cragg
HE Business & Management, Calderdale College
August 10, 2012

Useful reading, but not the best course text in this field for my particular student cohort.

However, it makes it onto the supplemental reading list.

Mr Philip Cragg
HE Business & Management, Calderdale College
July 1, 2012

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