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Applying Communication Theory for Professional Life

Applying Communication Theory for Professional Life
A Practical Introduction

Fifth Edition

October 2022 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Now in its fifth edition, Applying Communication Theory for Professional Life is the first communication theory textbook to provide practical material for career-oriented students. Featuring new case studies, updated examples, and the latest research, authors Marianne Dainton and Elaine D. Zelley introduce communication theory in a way that helps students understand its importance to careers in communication and business. Real-world case studies within each chapters are designed for in-class use to illustrate the application of theory in a variety of professional settings. The Fifth edition features eight new theories, a new chapter on theories of strategic communication, and expanded discussions of mediated communication theories.
Chapter 1 • Introduction to Communication Theory
Chapter 2 • Theory Development
Chapter 3 • Cognition and Intrapersonal Communication
Chapter 4 • Interpersonal Communication
Chapter 5 • Culture
Chapter 6 • Persuasion
Chapter 7 • Strategic Communication
Chapter 8 • Group Communication
Chapter 9 • Organizational Communication
Chapter 10 • Mass Communication
Chapter 11 • Mediated Communication
Chapter 12 • What Should a Communicator Do?


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ISBN: 9781544385945