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Applied Positive Psychology

Applied Positive Psychology
Integrated Positive Practice

September 2014 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
If you think you know what positive psychology is, think again! This book offers a new integrative vision for making life better that takes in the body and the brain, culture and society, childhood and development... A must read for students.”
- Stephen Joseph, University of Nottingham

"Captures the best of the positive psychology initiative, and most importantly, translates it to practice. The authors bring remarkable depth and breadth to the subject matter and do so in a way that is fresh, engaging, relevant, and unusually thoughtful."
- Carol Ryff, University of Wisconsin-Madison

"If you want to understand what positive psychology really is, learn how it works in practice and discover its huge potential to transform our lives and our world then look no further than this superb book. I really can't recommend it highly enough."
- Mark Williamson, Director of Action for Happiness

This exciting new textbook, written by leading academics in the UK, offers the very first authored title on applied positive psychology for university courses.

Consisting of the latest cutting-edge theory and research in the subject and structured around a pioneering multidimensional model of wellbeing, this book will provide you with the knowledge and tools to apply positive psychology in many areas of life. These include interventions aimed at developing mental and physical functioning, to recommendations for enhancing relationships and reshaping organisational structures. The book shows how these practices can be successfully deployed in diverse real-world settings, from the classroom to the workplace. Key features include:

  • Learning objectives set out at the start of each chapter
  • Practice essay questions throughout and quizzes to test your knowledge at the end of each chapter
  • Useful measurement tools and recommendations for research
  • Summary boxes and suggested further reading and resources
  • Case studies and ‘Reflection’ boxes that invite you to explore topics in greater depth and relate findings to your everyday life.

This book will be essential reading for all students with an interest in or studying a course in applied positive psychology, and is strongly recommended to students taking a wider course in positive psychology and the psychology of happiness and wellbeing.

Chapter 1: Preparing for the Journey
A map to guide us

Our motto

Chapter 2: The Mind





Chapter 3: The Body and the Brain


Neural networks

The nervous system

The body

Chapter 4: Culture and Society





Chapter 5: Childhood and Development
Pregnancy and birth


Early childhood

Positive education

Positive youth development

Development throughout adulthood

Positive aging

Chapter 6: Occupations and Organisations
The mind

The body



Chapter 7: Religion and Spirituality
The religion-health connection

Meditation and Buddhism

Yoga and Hinduism

Religion, spirituality, and positive psychology

Chapter 8: Ethical and Reflective Practice
Ethical practice

Reflective practice


Nice overview but as I am teaching business students I felt that this was too much on the psychology side to have this as a core textbook. I have been working more with POS and POB texts and hence this has come as a supplement (and a recommendation to the library).

Professor Antoinette Weibel
Department of Business Administration, University of St Gallen - HSG
June 19, 2015

This book offers a comprehensive theoretical grounding to this field and would be suitable reading for those who already have a good understanding of this emerging field, as well as how it can be applied in their field of work.

Mr Tim Cooke
Doctoral Programme in Educational Psychology, Southampton University
March 13, 2015

A very interesting book which gives a good overview of this emerging field of psychology.

Mr Richard Brook
Social Work & Psychosocial Studies, University of East Anglia
February 25, 2015

I have included this as essential reading for our PG Diploma students in mental health nursing and for our third year mental health nurses. The book is well considered, drawing on relevant research and giving new insights into areas of care. Highly recommended.

Mr David Rawcliffe
Pre-Registration Nursing, Bucks New University
February 9, 2015

Expanding area of undergraduate psychology. This text gives good insight into the application of this area

Dr David Holmes
Dept of Psychology & Speech Pathology, Manchester Metropolitan University
January 12, 2015

This is the first book I have read about positive psychology. It offers a complete overview of the disciple. It is written in a compelling way which makes it an easy read.

Mrs Maartje De Graaf
Media, Communication & Organisation, Twente University
November 18, 2014

A great book, covering a wide range of topics in the field and providing a sense of definition to a broad topic area. An asset to many aspects of psychology.

Ms Karen Twiselton
Psychology, University of the Highlands and Islands
October 10, 2014

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