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An Introduction to Qualitative Research

An Introduction to Qualitative Research

Seventh Edition
  • Uwe Flick - Freie Universtität Berlin, Germany
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October 2022 | 624 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Continuing to be THE guide to the whole qualitative research process for students, this book looks at both the theory behind qualitative research and how to put it into practice in your own work. For students across a range of social science disciplines and beyond, this is a must to help you enhance your research project.

This edition introduces:   

  • a decolonisation of methodologies   
  • a range of indigenous, queer and feminist perspectives on methodologies
  • assistance with defending a viva and alternative forms of assessment to suit a changing world.

More additions to this seventh edition include a section on the subjectivity of a researcher, and how your identity will shape your research. The further reading has been curated to include more than just western voices, providing you with global perspectives on qualitative research. This text introduces how to sensitively undertake ethical and inclusive research with marginalised groups.

This book will help you master a comprehensive understanding of qualitative research.

Foundations of Qualitative Research
Why and How to Do Qualitative Research
The Qualitative–Quantitative Distinction
Theoretical Frameworks
Methods and Data in Qualitative Research
Subjectivity, Identity, and Texts in Qualitative Research
Research Design
Formulating a Research Question
Choosing and Constructing the Research Design
Planning the Process in Qualitative Research
Ethics of Doing Qualitative Research
Using The Existing Literature
Access, Fields Relations, and Participatory Research
Qualitative Designs with Multiple Methods
Verbal Data
Collecting Verbal Data
Doing Interviews
Doing Focus Groups
Using Narrative Data
Data Beyond Talk
Collecting Data Beyond Talk
Observation and Ethnography
Visual Data: Photography, Film and Video
Documents as Data and Secondary Data Analysis
Digital and Social Media Research
Qualitative Data Analysis
Analysing Qualitative Data
Transcription and Data Management
Grounded Theory Coding
Thematic Coding and Content Analysis
Analysing Naturally Occurring Data: Conversation and Discourse
Using Software in Qualitative Data Analysis
Grounding, Writing And Outlook
Quality of Qualitative Research: Criteria and Beyond
Writing Up and Assessment in Qualitative Research
State of the Art and the Future

Professor Uwe Flick has been a leading qualitative methodologist in the social sciences for decades. His methods texts reflect his considerable talent for presenting complex concepts and approaches in a thorough and accessible manner. This latest text is no exception.

Darrin Hodgetts
PhD, Professor of Societal Psychology, Massey University, New Zealand

An Introduction to Qualitative Research is a comprehensive guide to the qualitative research process written by an accomplished expert in the field. Uwe Flick is relentless in his efforts and ambition to spread knowledge about a rich research tradition that is continually evolving and refined within the social sciences. It is a volume with both breadth and depth containing what you need to know about qualitative research to be able to try it out. Also more experienced qualitative researchers will find this text valuable and insightful. By covering different research traditions and the use of many examples from real research, the author points out a variety of vital themes for qualitative research and captures its richness.

Katarina Jacobsson
Head of Department at the School of Social Work at Lund University

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