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An Introduction to Countertransference

An Introduction to Countertransference

March 2022 | 160 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This introduction to countertransference in counselling and psychotherapy covers:

  • Countertransference and the therapeutic relationship
  • Different theoretical perspectives and approaches to countertransference
  • How to understand, manage, and work with countertransference in practice
  • The development and repair of therapeutic disruptions and ruptures in the alliance
  • Cultural differences and cultural countertransference.

Written for trainees and practitioners from a range of psychotherapeutic approaches, this book is supported by reflective practice activities, research, case studies and chapter summaries that will help you enhance your knowledge and practice in relation to countertransference.

Chapter 1 - An Introduction to Countertransference
Chapter 2 - Countertransference and the Therapeutic Relationship
Chapter 3 - Four Steps to Understanding and Managing Countertransference
Chapter 4 - Understanding Countertransference in Practice
Chapter 5 - Countertransference and therapeutic ruptures
Chapter 6 - Managing Countertransference in Practice
Chapter 7 - Classroom and group learning and countertransference

Dr Cartwright has truly done the psychotherapy profession an invaluable service by writing this book as it provides a theoretical and practical guide for understanding a rich and powerful therapeutic phenomenon in such a way that is accessible to trainee therapists and therapists practicing from a wide range of therapeutic orientations. If you are a trainee therapist, therapist interested in enhancing your knowledge and/or practice around countertransference, or a person with general interest in this area, then I highly recommend you read this book.

Dr. Kristin Reilly
Doctor of Clinical Psychology, The University of Auckland

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