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Accounting Simplified

Accounting Simplified

  • Rachappa Shette - Associate Professor, Finance, Accounting and Control at the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode

February 2021 | 232 pages | SAGE Response
Accounting Simplified is a manager’s guide to accounting for making effective corporate decisions. The accountant’s lingo consists of difficult language and financial jargons existing in the mainstream literature of finance. Understanding P&Ls, costing, balance sheet, income and cash flows statements for a fresh graduate or a rookie manager from a non-financial background can be challenging, leading to total disinterest in the area or dependency on finance managers or even erroneous decision-making. This book will help managers in understanding the analysis of balance sheet, statement of profit and loss and cash flows statement. It includes case studies of financial statements of major listed companies and checklists to understand the financial health and performance of the organization. The book will help young managers, accounting executives and academicians use accounting insights for improving business performance.
Series Note
Note by Series Editor
Balance Sheets Can Be Interesting and Revealing
Why You Must Understand the Income Statement?
Check the Financial Health of Your Organization
Day-to-Day Transactions and Their Effect on Financial Statements
Using Cash Flows Statement for Better Decisions
Analysis of the Much-Hyped Break-Even
The Cost of Right Decisions

“The accounting concepts in the book are described with the help of corporate as well as personal finance examples to make them easy and interesting to learn.”

Debashis Chatterjee
Director, IIM Kozhikode, India

‘Accounting Simplified is a book true to its name. It fills a knowledge gap by providing the much-needed managerial perspective, with ample illustrations, in the most effective and concise manner.’ 

Sunder Ram Korivi
Senior Consultant, National Institute of Financial Markets; Professor of Finance, Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs

‘As practitioners in the area of financial services and banking, we take many decisions which directly or indirectly affect the financial health of the company. Professor Shette is well known for simplifying the complex accounting concepts in a lucid way. This book, Accounting Simplified, makes taking decisions easier and effective by providing a business perspective to finance and management. I highly recommend this book to practitioners, students and general readers interested in accounting and finance.’ 

Ramesh Babu Thimmaraya
Director and Head, Financial Services Advisory, Ernst & Young, India

I had the good fortune of studying under Rachappa Sir. He taught us financial statement analysis in a layman’s dialect, helping us grasp the basics in no time. I can vouch for the effectiveness of his methods as I have put them to application in identifying multi-bagger investment opportunities hidden in plain sight and have been able to propagate his methods to people I have trained over the years. I am sure this book written by Rachappa Sir will empower you to draw insights from his same lucid and simplistic way of explaining to look at financials accurately and quickly.’ 

Shrey Sao
CFA®, Value Investor, Head, Learning & Development, Visible Alpha

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