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A Practical Guide to Early Childhood Studies Graduate Practitioner Competencies

A Practical Guide to Early Childhood Studies Graduate Practitioner Competencies

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Early Childhood Studies

June 2023 | 160 pages | Learning Matters

What do the Early Childhood Studies Graduate Practitioner Competencies (GPCs) mean in practice? What do they look like in settings? This book brings you case studies as examples of good practice demonstrating all of the GPCs. Each chapter covers a specific competency and includes:

  • A visualisation of the competency
  • Case studies to explore what each competency looks like in practice
  • Expert commentary on each case study helping you to link theory to practice
David Meechan
Advocating for young children’s rights and participation
Tara Ball, Heather Brammer and Amanda Tayler,
Promote holistic child development
Jackie Musgrave and Aaron Bradbury
Work directly with young children, families and colleagues to promote health, well-being, safety and nurturing care
Dawn Jones and Selena Hall
Observe, listen and plan for young children to support their wellbeing, early learning, progression and transitions
Caroline Prior
Safeguarding and child protection
Deborah Nye and Helen Perkins
Inclusive practice
Philippa Thompson
Partnership with parents and caregivers
Leanne Grey, Michelle Wisbey
Collaborating with others
Meredith Rose, Stella Smith, Matthew Northall
Professional development

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